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Hephaestus, the god of fire, was a blacksmith. He was patron of the craftsman and he excelled in making weapons. He was worshipped in the Athens and also in some centers. He was also called the god of volcanoes and was related to Mt. Etna which is situated on the Sicily Island.

Hephaestus was weak and crippled from the time he was born so he looked lame. There are 2 descriptions for his birth to Zeus and Hera. In one of the descriptions, it is said that the Zeus was angry on Hephaestus after he supported Hera and tossed him out of Mount Olympus. He fell down for 9 nights and days and at last settled on the island of Lemnos by building a palace underneath the volcano.More...



Hephaestus God Of Fire

Hephaestus God Of Fire

Hephaestus is one of the pantheons in the ancient Greek. He was respected and worshipped as the god of fire and technology. He was a blacksmith, sculptor, artisan and craftsman. He was related to the wildfires and volcanoes.

Hephaestus was not a handsome but was lame. Hephaestus was depicted with anvil, tongs and a hammer which can be seen with any blacksmith. He is depicted with an axe. He is also shown with his consort Caberio who is a sea nymph. Caberio and Hephaestus are considered as the parents of the blacksmith demigods. Hephaestus also had a wife named Aetna. Hephaestus also has two sons with Aetna.More...



Hephaestus Family Tree

Hephaestus Family Tree

Hephaestus is the god of volcanoes, blacksmith and craftsman. He was tossed out of the Mt. Olympus and went on to lemons and he built furnaces underneath volcano. He is related to Mt. Aetna.

Hephaestus was the son who was delivered by Hera without a father after Athena was produced by Zeus without a female.

Hephaestus is depicted using the symbols of tongs and axe. Hephaestus was craftsman and blacksmith of the Olympians.More...







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