Why Was Hera The Goddess Of Marriage ?  

According to Greek mythology, Hera, the goddess of marriage and women, was a powerful goddess on the Mount. Olympus as she is the wife of Olympus. But she was worshipped before her husband was worshipped. The goddess has many forms which include a bird.

Tens of thousands of years ago, there is an evidence in the form of artifacts and cave art that the humanity was in the form of a female body, either as a woman who can bear children or a pregnant. Childbirth is the human’s closest power to bring life onto the earth and male and female in union create the new being.

After thousands of years, the Europeans who were the descendents of these deities were the inhabitants of the large villages who were making a living on the crafts and the religious institutions. The artifacts say that these people worshipped the powers which were in the form of a snake, a bird and also the earth. And all these forms represented the human female who has is able to get a life onto the earth.

It is believed that after the humans discovered the role of a man in creation of a life, people started worshipping the male gods. Even before this was known the male deities were worshipped. The female goddesses were considered as more powerful than the male gods. And it is clearly said in the history that even after understanding the male role in procreation the Europeans in the Minoans of he Crete worshipped the great mother.

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Why Was Hera The Goddess Of Marriage




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