Greek Mythology Of Medusa  

Medusa unlike her other sisters is a mortal. She was Phorcys and Ceto’s daughter. She is also the sister of Euryale and Stheno. She started her life as a maiden whose beauty was all in her hair. Many suitors desired her.

When she was worshipping in the temple of Athena Poseidon comes to the temple. His nature made him force medusa and Athena who was the goddess of virginity and of war thought that this was the violation of the temple and as she could not punish Poseidon she punished medusa by turning her hair into serpents. And she was given a destructive power that when anyone sees her directly they will turn into a stone. Medusa lived in a cavern, and around the place, it was full of stone images of the people who looked her directly and turned into stones.

Hero Perseus tried to kill Medusa in saving Danae, his mother, from Polydectes the king. He takes the advice of Hermes and Athena and he receives a shield like a mirror and shoes with wings. Some say that he also received a magic cap and pouch.

Perseus makes use of the shield for looking at medusa. This way he sliced her by not turning into a stone. Pegasus and Chuysaor sprang from her head who were the children produced in union with Poseidon.

The sisters of Medusa to have chased Perseus, but he avoided them. Some versions say that he rides the Pegasus and some say he donned the magic cap and disappeared.

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Greek Mythology Of Medusa




What-Does-Medusa-Look-Like      Medusa is a woman who has serpents in the hairs position with eyes glowing and she turns anyone who sees her directly into a stone. As per Greek lore, it is said that she was a horrid and ugly creation, but she was born as a beautiful woman. More..




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