Greek Mythology Of Medusa  

Medusa unlike her other sisters is a mortal. She was Phorcys and Ceto’s daughter. She is also the sister of Euryale and Stheno. She started her life as a maiden whose beauty was all in her hair. Many suitors desired her.

When she was worshipping in the temple of Athena Poseidon comes to the temple. His nature made him force medusa and Athena who was the goddess of virginity and of war thought that this was the violation of the temple and as she could not punish Poseidon she punished medusa by turning her hair into serpents. And she was given a destructive power that when anyone sees her directly they will turn into a stone. Medusa lived in a cavern, and around the place, it was full of stone images of the people who looked her directly and turned into stones.More...


What Does Medusa Look Like ?

What Does Medusa Look Like

Medusa is a woman who has serpents in the hairs position with eyes glowing and she turns anyone who sees her directly into a stone. As per Greek lore, it is said that she was a horrid and ugly creation, but she was born as a beautiful woman.

She had a silky hair with luster and shine and with the perfect ringlets. She was such a pretty maiden that she was seduced by Poseidon, the god of the sea. He forced Medusa into the temple of Athena and raped her. Athena being the god of virginity thought that this was the violation of her temple, and punished Medusa by turning her beautiful ringlets into serpents, and giving her a destructive power which turns anyone who looks at her directly into a stone. With these punishments she looked like a monster.More...


Who Killed Medusa ?

Who Killed Medusa

As per Greek mythology medusa was a monster called gorgon. Unlike the other mythical monsters, her story was very different. It is a story with the moral to the humans that the situation they will face when they make gods angry. It is believed by the Greeks that when gods get angry they take decisions which are painful and quick.

The story starts with the beautiful maiden, medusa praying in the temple of Athena. Medusa was a beautiful maiden with long silky hair which added to her beauty and tempted the god of water Poseidon to seduce her. When Poseidon starts kissing Medusa Athena sees and gets angry. Since Athena could not punish Poseidon, she punished Medusa. She turns the beautiful locks into serpents and she also gives a destructive power which turns anyone into stone as soon as they look at Medusa directly.More...


Athena And Medusa

Athena And Medusa

Goddess Athena was Zeus' favorite daughter and no women was involved in producing Athena. Athena came out of the head of her father fully grown dressed with a helmet and armor.

But the mother also has a role. As per Hesiod's version, Zeus, the king of gods, married Métis. When she became pregnant, he was suggested by other gods that if Metis delivers a baby boy, he will grow up and kill Zeus. Feared that this would happen he tricks Metis and turns her into a fly and swallows her. After swallowing her, he suffered severe headache and asked one of he gods to axe his head and when his head was axed Athena popped out from the head.More...







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