Hades God Of The Underworld Mythology  

Hades is the god of the Underworld, and he is the son of Kronos, the god of time, and Rhea, the mother goddess. He is the god that presides over wealth and fortunes of the earth. He also defends the right of the dead at the funeral. Hades also rules over gold and silver ran all other precious metals that are found in the core of the earth.

Hades was actually devoured by Kronos, his father, when he was born along with his four brothers and sisters. Zeus caused the Titans to disgorge them and then they drove the titans from the heaven away. When the 3 brothers came back victoriously they divide the cosmic world among them. Hades received the third part, which was the dark Underworld.More...


Hera Greek Goddess

Hera Greek Goddess

Hera was Zeus' wife and she was grown in the home of titans Tethys and ocean and even though she was known as the “cow-faced” she was one of the beautiful goddess. Even though she was beautiful she did not have attractive personality because she was acting revengefully towards the lovers of Zeus.More...


Aphrodite Greek Goddess Myths

Interesting Facts About Aphrodite

Aphrodite was called the goddess of love. She was called Venus by the Romans. Aphrodite was inhabitant of Mount Olympus along with some other deities and she had wedlock with Hephaestus. It is believed that her birth happened from the sea foam.More...


Why Was Artemis The Goddess Of The Moon And Hunt ?

Why Was Artemis The Goddess Of The Moon And Hunt

Artemis was the offspring of Zeus and titan Leto as per Homeric hymns. She was called the goddess of moon and hunt and childbirth. She has a twin brother named Apollo. And, similar to Apollo, Artemis was also connected with many divine attributes.More...



What Does Medusa Look Like ?

What Does Medusa Look Like

Medusa is a woman who has serpents in the hairs position with eyes glowing and she turns anyone who sees her directly into a stone. As per Greek lore, it is said that she was a horrid and ugly creation, but she was born as a beautiful woman.More...



How Did Greek Mythology Start ?

How Did Greek Mythology Start ?        Greek mythology is a great collection of myths and stories about Greek legends. There are so many of them, and majority of them have achieved a godly status in mythology. Most of the stories are about the wars fought by the Greek gods, and how they became gods. There are several of them. Also, it is very interesting to learn about Greek mythology as the stories are very interesting.More...


Minotaur And Greek Mythology

Minotaur And Greek MythologyIn Greek mythology, Minotaur was a creature that had the head of a bull and the body of a man. The creature lived in a labyrinth, which was a maze like construction. This was built for the king Minos who ruled Crete at that point of time. However, the Minotaur captured this place and started living there.More...






Greek God :

Mythology-Greek-Gods-And-Godesses      There were several Greek goddesses and gods according to the texts of Greek mythology. There is a large collection of stories that explain the bravery of the heroes, and also how they became gods after completing their mortal life. Some of the goddesses were considered as the most beautiful women that ever lived. More..




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