History Of Greece  

Greece is an ancient country, and also one of the oldest civilizations known to mankind. The people of ancient Greece had learned to read and write early, and the country also had schools to teach others. Some of the greatest warriors and learned people went to school where great philosophers like Pluto, Aristotle and Socrates taught.

Greece has had a great history and it has given the world several mathematicians, philosophers, inventors, warriors and people of great intelligence. This country has contributed some of the greatest findings to mankind that were instrumental in modern discoveries and inventions. The aerodynamics we know of today has its basic principles in the findings of Greek philosophers.

The word Greek as defined by Aristotle came from the word Graikoi. This was the prehistoric name of Hellenes. The Greeks are from a country called Greece. People from this country also called themselves Hellenes. The first Greek speaking people were actually tribal people. The ancient Greeks spread all over Asia to distant lands. From Greece to Egypt, most of the countries were conquered by the Greek warriors. The ancient Grecian empire even extended to the Hindu Kush Mountains, all the way into current day Pakistan. The former Greek territories were Turkey, Italy, Libya and Levant which were mostly conquered by Alexander.

Greek emigrants lived across several continents across the world like North America, Australia, Northern Europe and South Africa. Today, Greece may not be as prominent in the world economics or a super power, but in ancient times the country had the bravest warriors, and was a force to reckon with.

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History Of Greece




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