History Of Olympia Greece  

Olympia is the birth place of the Olympic Games. It is also one of the sacred places for the Greeks as the temple of Zeus is there. Olympia was famous even in the ancient times. There were games held there.

The city was considered as an honor to Greece, and it also signified struggle and peace to the ancient Greeks. Olympia is an archeological site today, and also is one of the most prominent places in Greece.Olympia is also one city that has been connected to several Greek gods and has legendary myths. According to one of the mythological stories, it was at Olympia that Zeus fought with his father, Cronus, for the throne. He beat his own father to be crowned the king of gods. In memory of the Zeus' victory, the Olympic Games were held.

Another myth says that five brothers of Zeus raced in Olympia, and the oldest brother Heracles was crowned the winner. He was even given a wreath with olive branches. There are several such legendary myths about Olympia and how the first Olympic Games started there. It was only in 776 BC that the first Olympic Games were held in Olympia and that was to call truce between Sparta and Elis. Once the games started, kings and leaders from across Greece would come and meet each other during the games. This opportunity would be used to discuss important political matters.

According to historians, the area of Olympia was inhabited by civilized human beings in the 2nd century BC. There was another cult before Zeus became the god. This cult was devoted to Gaea.

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History Of Olympia Greece




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