History Of Sparta Greece  

Sparta is an ancient city of Greece and very little is known of its history. Also, there are only a few legendary heroes from Sparta who were famous. The common belief is that the son of Zeus, Lacedaemon, founded Sparta because he married Sparta, the daughter of Eurotas.

That is how Sparta was founded. It was located between the Mount Taygetos and Parnon.Later, Menelaus ruled this place, and his younger brother Agamemnon was married to Helen. Helen was abducted by Paris, the younger prince of Troy, and that is what started one of the most painful wars in history called the Battle of Troy. It was perhaps the longest war that Greece had fought. Helen of Sparta, as she was called, was the most beautiful woman anyone had ever seen, and later she was known as Helen of Troy after she was abducted. So, Sparta played a very important role in Trojan War. Until Greece took over Sparta with the help of Achilles, the walls of Sparta could never be breached. Even the Greeks used treachery to get into Sparta, and they did not break the walls.

Later after Trojan War, the son of Agamemnon married the daughter of Menelaus, and the two kingdoms were united.

Historians excavated Sparta, and found that Sparta had actually a rich culture and it developed in 1100 BC. They baked tiles and made houses. They decorated the flooring of the houses. Sparta had foreign visitors as early as 7th century and 8th century BC. Spartan people also wore dyed clothes.

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History Of Sparta Greece




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