Important Events Of Ancient Greece  

Ancient Greece was rich with culture and civilization. They had built the earliest buildings, derived mathematical equations, constructed complicated structures, lived in planned cities, had a systematic government, and also studied in schools much earlier than any other ancient civilization in the world.

In ancient Greece, the cities were known as Poleis. People of Greece were great philosophers, mathematicians, inventors, astrologers and also learned wise men who saw far and beyond. Also, several other cultures benefited from Greece.

Here is a timeline of this great country depicting some of the important events.

Around 800 to 700 BC, there was a rise in several poleis in Greece.

In 725, Sparta converted the Messenians into Helots. The Messenian War ended in 668 BC.

In 632, people of Greece formed laws. Cylon became a tyrant and was followed by Draco.

In the fifth century, Darius became the king of Persia, and Cleisthenes made democratic reforms in Athens. The Battle of Marathon also took place along with the Battle of Salamis. The Delian League was formed, and later in the fourth century there was 30 years of peace.

In the fourth century, the Corinthian War was fought. The Romans were after Italy, and King Philip of Macedonia started his conquest to expand Greece. In the same century, Alexander the Great was born, and Philip, his father, was assassinated. Alexander became the king and he expanded Greece far and beyond. He fought the Battle of Issus, and also fought the Macedonian wars. The Macedonian wars were mainly fought to conquer great nations so that the importance of Greece could be spread and Alexander could leave his name there. Alexander was the greatest ruler of Greece.

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Important Events Of Ancient Greece




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