Is Ancient Greece The Cradle Of Science  

There are many who want to know whether ancient Greece was the cradle of science. It is without a doubt since the ancient Greeks gave us formulas, devised theorems and supplied us with written records which acted as foundation for every basic field of study.

Often ancient Greeks studies both heaven and earth and that is why usually when we talk about the geography and astronomy and ancient Greece, we club them together. Ptolemy is considered as the Father of geography. He is credited of devising vocabulary and the basic framework for geography. Ptolemy also established the principles for astronomy.

Then there is Erastothenes who developed the technique to calculate Earth’s circumference. He was also interested in astronomy and he assembled a star catalogue. Hipparchus used math to determine places on the surface of the Earth and also catalogued over 1,000 stars. It was Aristarchus, who was an astronomer, who was responsible for informing the world that the sun and not the Earth was the center of the universe.

When it comes to math and science, no words can describe the contribution of ancient Greece. Thales of Miletus is considered as the Father of Greek Mathematics and he was responsible for developing the requirement of proofs in mathematics. One of the most famous Greek mathematician and physicist is Euclid. His books are still considered classics among present-day mathematicians. Euclid had very accurate definitions; he formulated precise rules and postulates; and laid a lot of emphasis on application of rules of logic that changed mankind’s view of mathematics forever. The famous Archimedes gave us Archimedes’ Principle and helped us to compute area and volume. Besides being an excellent  mathematician, Archimedes was a skilled designer and inventor and he designed implements such as the screw and invented weapons of war such as the catapult. One should not forget Pythagoras for giving us theorems and experiments that covered everything from math to music. He also had a school that trained many mathematicians.

Saying that ancient Greece is the cradle of science would be incomplete without mentioning Aristotle. His contribution to natural science is beyond words. Aristotle helped identify, classify and describe nearly 500 species.

Ancient Greece gave our civilization a large amount of scientific discoveries, and architecture, making it the cradle of science without a doubt.

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Is Ancient Greece The Cradle Of Science




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