Music And Ancient Greece  

Music was an important part of Greece since ancient times. It was an important event in all religious celebrations and festivals. Music was also played when a baby was born, or at funeral services, and gatherings.

This could be proven because when historians excavated several archaeological sites, they found parts of musical instruments, and also literary references. However, complete musical compositions made in ancient Greece are unavailable.Some records also indicate that there were professional musicians in Greece who played at important events such as weddings. There were also some monuments that were erected in honor of musicians. They were awarded rewards, and even money was paid for their services. There were musical concerts held in ancient Greece.

Ancient Greek civilization was a very advanced civilization thousands of years ago even though they did not have the technology that we have today. During the 5th century, the Odeon which is a roof built concert hall was erected. Musical concerts were held here and people from all over Greece came to watch. The depictions of musicians can be found on vases, inscriptions, paintings and even in statues.

There was an instrument called the Kithara which resembles a guitar, and the strings have to be plucked to play the instrument. The lyre was also a stringed instrument, and the aulos was a double reed instrument.

Most of the people who played music attended some kind of professional training, and they were richly rewarded for public performances. Also, music looks like it was a sought after profession in ancient Greece.

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Music And Ancient Greece




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