How Often Do The Summer Olympics Occur ?  

The Summer Olympics, also known as the Olympiad, occurs every 4 years. It is an international event where multiple sporting events are held, and athletes from many countries participate in these various events. The Summer Olympics is organized by the International Olympics committee.

The first modern Olympics was held in Athens, Greece in 1896. Until now the games have been hosted every 4 years except once, when the games were due to be held in Berlin, but were cancelled due to the war.

Both the Summer Olympics as well as the Winter Olympics are held at a gap of 4 years. But the Winter Olympics is held generally two years after the Summer Olympics. Though initially the ancient Olympics was held only for one day, later on as the number of events increased, the Olympics became a five day event.

The countries which have hosted The Summer Olympics in the past are the United States (hosted it four times), UK (already hosted it twice and will be hosting the third one in 2012), Australia, Germany, Greece and France (each of them having hosted it twice). There are several other countries like Belgium, Italy, South Korea, Japan, Mexico, Spain, Sweden and China who have had the opportunity to host the Summer Olympics.

There are five countries, which have been represented in all the Summer Olympics held till date. These are Great Britain, Greece, Switzerland, France and Australia. Another fact about the Summer Olympics is that Great Britain has the record of winning a gold medal at all the Summer Olympics.

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How Often Do The Summer Olympics Occur




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