Three Ancient Olympics Events  

Ancient Olympics were not as magnificent as the modern Olympics. It was very different as it had fewer number of events. Initially, ancient Olympics was just a one day competition, which later on got extended to a five day event.

Listed below is a brief description of three ancient Olympic events.

One of the three ancient Olympics events was the running race. There were 4 different types of running race in the ancient Olympics. One of the races was a sprint of about 192 m. The other races comprised of a 2 stade race, which was about 384 m, and a long distance race which was between 384 m and 768 m.

The second event in Ancient Olympics was long jump. Though long jump is a part of modern Olympics as well, the one which was held in ancient Olympics was quite different. This is because the jumper had to carry something called as halteres in each hand. This would help the jumper reach as forward as possible. Also, another thing that was different in those days was that when this event was being performed, flute music would be played so that the athletes could maintain the rhythm.

Another event of the ancient Olympics, which is common even today, is the Discus. While today the athletes can make a full spin, the athletes of the ancient Olympics could only make a three quarter turn.

Though the first ancient Olympics had only the running events, as the years passed many other sporting events were added on. It is believed that the events of the ancient Olympics were such that they were actually a way of preparing men for the battles.

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Three Ancient Olympics Events




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