Where Is The Home Of The Ancient Olympics ?  

The first ancient Olympics were reportedly held in Olympia, Greece in 776 BC. This was initially started as a religious ritual to please the gods. The Olympics got its name because they were held in Olympia.

The ancient Olympics had only one venue, and it was held in the same place every four years. Olympia was the most peaceful and picturesque town, and the grove of Olympia, the Altis, was one of the most sacred places. It consisted of a majestic temple of Zeus, which took ten long years to be completed. Since Olympia was a grassy plain, it was believed to be apt for all these athletic events.

The Olympics were held during the period of July and August. There was an Olympic truce during the period of festivities so that the competitors could safely travel to Olympia. Before the beginning of the events, the athletes were made to take an oath that they had completed ten months of training and the altar on which these athletes would take the oath is believed to be the place where Zeus had thrown a lightning bolt.

The winners of the ancient Olympics were awarded a wreath of an olive tree branch, which was cut from a tree grown at the backyard of the temple of Zeus, and which was believed to have been planted by Hercules.

While modern Olympics is all about sports, ancient Olympics was all about religion and Gods. All aspects of the Olympics were connected to the Gods is some way or the other.

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Where Is The Home Of The Ancient Olympics




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