Oracles Of Ancient Greece  

We all have heard about oracles, and we have to thank the Hollywood movies for bringing s the knowledge about oracles. Also, oracles are commonly referred to by psychics and tarot card readers. The oracles of ancient Greece played a very important role.

In Greek civilization, an oracle was an individual person in the state, and lived only in one place all their life. They could not move to another city or town. Their main duty was to answer the questions brought in by warriors and heroes. The questions could be asked by any person actually, but the question always had to be connected to a god or a hero. The answer given by the oracle was translated or interpreted by a priest or a priestess.

At different times, there were different oracles that were given importance in Greece. The oracle for Zeus is the oldest oracle in Greece, and this particular god spoke through the rustling of leaves of an oak tree that was located in the thick woods or through doves which were commonly found in that place.  

Oracles were mainly used for divination, and they were also used for predictions. The Greeks used several ways to predict like throwing of the dice or concentrating on spirits. However, they consulted the oracle for most of these activities. Some of the kings and war heroes never did anything important like set out on war without consulting the oracles. They used to be told by the oracle about how fruitful their journey will be and also the decision is ultimately left to the king or the warrior.

Greek mythology says that even Achilles mother was an oracle. Oracles always used to tell the fate of the person or the event, and leave the decision to the person ultimately. They never gave any sort of advice, but only made predictions.

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Oracles Of Ancient Greece




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