Why Was The Acrophois Built In Ancient Greece ?  

Ancient Greek civilization deeply believed in god and religion. All the important events in their life involved gods and their worship. They built great temples, which were extremely beautiful and artistically designed. Most of the temples had the most beautiful locations.

In the ancient times, Greece was the biggest country, and also the most popular one because of its warriors. Several structures were built in the country to celebrate their status, and also as a part of the thanksgiving to their deities. If a Greek warrior was successful in war, then he would build a temple in honor of the god he believed in.

The Greek had several architectural systems and there were several Greek architects who had their own style. Many of them had their own style of detailing and also they were very elaborate. The popular Greek orders are the Doric, Ionic, and the Corinthian in that order. The temples that were built followed these architectural styles. The temple of Parthenon or the Virgin was a Greek goddess. She was the goddess of wisdom, and the temple to honor her was built in Acropolis. Several temples were built throughout Acropolis.

Acropolis was mainly built to honor and worship the gods. There are several other temples, including the temple of Zeus. There was a temple honoring Poseidon too, and several more shrines located in the same place. That is why Acropolis in Greece is considered as an important archeological site even today. Several traditions about Greece were discovered here, and also it revealed several of their traditional practices.

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Why Was The Acrophois Built In Ancient Greece




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Why Was The Acrophois Built In Ancient Greece ? )
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