Biography Of Terri Seymour  

Terri Seymour is best known for her off-camera romance with American Idol judge, Simon Cowell. She had appeared in some films including Material Girls in 2006, 24 Hour Party People in 2002, and The Beginning in 2000. Terri Seymour was born Theresa Helene Seymour in 1974 in Hertfordshire, England, and is of English descent. She was raised by her mother. Terri never knew who her father was.

Terri Seymour used to appear as a commercial model in commercial magazines and catalogues. However, she found little success as a model. Her first major television appearance was in Wheel of Fortune. She became the co-host for Wheel of Fortune on the British television network ITV and stayed on from 2000 through 2001. 

During this time, she also acted in some films. Her first television film, In the Beginning, was released in 2000. She played a short role in a 2002 British film titled 24 Hour Party People. 

Terry Seymour made a special guest appearance as a judge on the Tyra Banks Show. The show is a reality show searching for America's top model. The same year she also played a role in the film Material Girls. 

Terri Seymour’s off-camera romance with American Idol judge, Simon Cowell became big news in 2002, when she started dating her longtime friend. In 2006, there were some reports that Cowell cheated on Seymour with model and socialite Jasmine Lennard. In 2008, it was reported that Cowell and Seymour had split due to the fact that Cowell did not wished to settle down and have children. But after the split up, he gifted Seymour a house.



Biography Of Terri Seymour

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