Fettes Brot Biography  

Fettes Brot (roughly meaning "fat bread" and a slang expression meaning “excellent hashish”) is a hip hop group from Germany founded in 1942 following the dissolution of the rap group Poet and Peeze. As the formation is still around today the guys sometimes refer to it as "Hamburg’s hip-hop-dinosaur".

This band is particularly popular in the north of Germany where many fans can be found due to the Fettes Brot songs being sung in a strong plattdeutch (name of regional language) or Low German accent. Its member Dokter Renz (Martin Schrader, now Martin Vandreirer) and Tobi Tobi Tobsen together with Konig (King) Boris (Boris Lauterbach), Schiffmeister (Bjorn Warms) and Mighty founded the band Fettes Brot. The two Schmidt brothers, Tobi and Mighty, left early on to pursue other projects. The bands first album, the EP "Mitschnacker", was released by the remaining trio on Yo mama records. Commercial success first came with the single Nordisch by Nature (Northern by Nature) and its album. The song begun with the sound of a foghorn and is sung with a strong Plattdeutsch accent, which makes the song something of an anthem for people from northern Germany. The single remained on German charts for a full month.

A year later Frettes Brot released their second biggest commercial hit quasi anthem Jein, which further established Fettes Brot commercial credibility. The trio's sophomore effort, Auben top hits, Innen Geschmack, proved a major chart hit, while the 1998 follow up, Lasst Gruben, earned the group some criticism from longtime fans who claimed their music now veered too far from its hip-hop roots. On October 6, 2005, the three rappers for the first time won the Comet Awards (German equivalent of the Grammys) twice at once. They won both the category for “Best band” and for “Best song” (Emanuela). They were also nominated for “Best video” and “Most successful download” (Emanuela). On December 22, 2005 Fettes Brot gave the largest concert of their careers. The concert was telecast live by MTV and other radio station.



Fettes Brot Biography

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