How Did Al Capone Influence Our Society ?  

Al Capone was famous gangster during the 1920s in the US. He rose to power after his mentor and boss Johnny Torrio retired and handed over the reigns of his criminal empire to Capone. It was during this time that Al Capone gained notoriety, and it was also the time when prohibition was imposed in the country. While Al Capone was a gangster, he also influenced the society. You may wonder how.

The passing of the Volstead Act was the one that brought prohibition into the US. However, Al Capone made his fortune by bootlegging, and running illegal breweries, speakeasies, gambling dens and brothels. When prohibition was imposed, people who were habitual drinkers, social drinkers and those who enjoyed a drink every day were denied of what they liked and enjoyed. This did not go down well with this large population of people in the US. Al Capone and other rival gangs saw this as an opportunity and began brewing liquor illegally to sell to consumers. They did not think of this as wrong. They believed that they were fulfilling a demand that was created by the prohibition. Hence, Al Capone and rival gangs grew rich overnight supplying illegal liquor to consumers. Also, during this period each gang was trying to control the liquor market, especially in big cities. This led to major gang fights, with several people being killed. Even innocent people lost their lives in crossfire.

The prohibition showed the government and people that no government could pass a law without the consent of the people. Only if the people agree to laws and are willing to abide by them can laws be enacted. Otherwise, it would be futile to have laws that force people to break them, as was the case during prohibition when the Volstead Act was passed. It is a different matter that Capone was under investigation for flouting prohibition laws, but the fact remains that people are the ones that elect the government and the government should respects the desires and wishes of the people.

After prohibition was lifted, the gang wars stopped and people could walk the streets without any fear.

Hence, Al Capone taught the society that no one can control the will of the people. No laws are strong enough against the will of people and any government should first consider the will of people and then proceed to enact laws, rules and regulations.

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How Did Al Capone Influence Our Society

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Wikipedia: Al Capone: Conviction And Imprisonment



Al Capone And Family      Al Capone was the son of Italian immigrants, Gabriele and Teresina Capone. Capone was born on 17 January 1899 in Brooklyn. Based on the available information, it is believed that Capone had a normal childhood. His father was originally from Naples, while his mother, a seamstress by profession, was from Salerno. More..




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