Albert Einstein Biography  

The famous physicist, Albert Einstein, was a German. His date of birth is 14 March 1879, and records indicate that his birthplace is Ulm in Germany. However, 6 weeks after his birth, the Einstein family relocated to Munich where Albert began his initial schooling. However, the Einstein family did not stay put in Germany, as they relocated to Italy, and Einstein finished his school education in Switzerland.

In the year 1896, Einstein enrolled in the Swiss Federal Polytechnic School located in Zurich. Here Einstein studied to become a teacher, specializing in math and physics. He completed his training 1901 and thereafter he became a Swiss citizen. However, on not being able to find a job, Einstein joined the Swiss Patent Office as a technical assistant. Thereafter, he went on to get a doctorate in the year 1905.

Even though Einstein worked at the patent office in Switzerland, he made time to do his research in physics. It is claimed that his best work was done during this period, and it was finally in the year 1908, he was made a docent in Berne. Thereafter, he earned the title of professor extraordinary in the 1909 in Zurich and then went on to become a professor teaching theoretical physics in 1911 in the city of Prague. However, he returned in 1912 to Zurich to become a professor, and finally in the year 1914, he was made into a director at the Kaiser Wilhelm Physical Institute and simultaneously, he was a professor teaching physics at the Berlin university.

In the year 1914, Einstein reclaimed his German citizenship and held on to it until the year 1933, when he renounced it. He went off to the US to teach at Princeton and received American citizenship 1940. He continued at Princeton until his retirement in the year 1945.

Once the Second World War came to end, Einstein was a prominent leader of the World Government Movement. He was also asked to become the president of Israel, an offer that he did not take up. However, he joined hands with Dr Chaim Weizmann to set up the now famous Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Most of Einstein’s work was related to solving the problems that existed in physics. He first tackled Newton’s work on mechanism and it was this that got him to postulate his second theory of relativity. He also explained Brownian movement and studied the heat properties of light, which led to the photon theory of light.

He was considered a world famous physicist and this led many international universities to confer him with honorary doctorate degrees in the field of philosophy, medicine and science. He traveled all over the world giving lectures and also won many awards and accolades.

Einstein was married twice. His first marriage was in the year 1903 to Mileva Maric and the couple had one daughter and 2 sons. However, the marriage came to an end in 1919, and Einstein remarried Elsa Lowenthal, his cousin.

Einstein passed away on 18 April 1955 due to ruptured aneurysm in his abdomen. He was 76 years old at that time.

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Albert Einstein Biography

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What Did Albert Einstein Discover ?      Albert Einstein, often called the father of modern physics, is perhaps the best known scientist in the world. He was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in the year 1921 for the law of photoelectric effect, which went on to be the base of quantum physics later on. While Einstein was a theoretical physicist, he has been credited with discovering the Theory of Relativity. More..




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