What Did Albert Einstein Invent ?  

The whole world knows the name of Albert Einstein. After all, he is known for his weird hairstyle and his theories related to physics. However, very few people know that Einstein was also an inventor. Yes, he was and there is no doubt about it. So, what did Albert Einstein invent?


Most people associate Albert Einstein with the formula E=mc2, and it is this formula that used for one invention. During the Second World War, there were rumors that the Nazi government was attempting to construct an atomic bomb. Einstein along with other eminent scientists wrote a letter to the then US president, Franklin D. Roosevelt, informing him that these were not just mere rumors. And, the US should take this threat very seriously. As a result the US government gave permission to conduct the Manhattan Project and led to the US dropping 2 atomic bombs on Japan. So, we can say that Einstein was responsible for the invention of atomic bomb.

What many people do not know is that Einstein was also responsible for inventing a refrigerator. This refrigerator was really unique, as it did not require electricity to run. It required a heat source and this could be provided using a gas burner. However, this Einstein refrigerator was invented together with a former student of his in the year 1926.

Einstein was also responsible for finding out why the sky appears blue. Though this is not really an invention, but it needs to be mentioned, as many people during that time and before pondered over this question. Einstein took it upon himself to find the answer to this question. He reckoned that when light particles are scattered due to atmosphere, it just allows the blue color to emerge and hence, that is the reason why the sky appears blue. Einstein came to this conclusion now by studying the sky or atmosphere but by using mathematical formulae to calculate the dispersion of light in the year 1911. And, when a scientific experiment was done to check out the veracity of his calculations, it turned out to be correct. Today, when people look up to the sky and see the beautiful sky-blue color, they know why this color is there.

It goes without saying that Einstein was one of the most admired and celebrated physicists of all times. He was not only a physicist, but also an inventor and a thinker. These characteristics allowed him to postulate his theories and also invent things to better the life of mankind.

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What Did Albert Einstein Invent

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Albert Einstein Biography      The famous physicist, Albert Einstein, was a German. His date of birth is 14 March 1879, and records indicate that his birthplace is Ulm in Germany. However, 6 weeks after his birth, the Einstein family relocated to Munich where Albert began his initial schooling. However, the Einstein family did not stay put in Germany, as they relocated to Italy, and Einstein finished his school education in Switzerland. More..




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