What Did Alexander Graham Bell Invent ?  

When Alexander Graham Bell was just twenty-nine years old, he was responsible for inventing the telephone. This was in the year 1876. The following year, he established his own company, the Bell Telephone Company, and also got married to the love of his life, Mabel Hubbard. However, his company ensured that improvements were done to the initial model, so that it worked better and gave better voice clarity. As a result, it was because of the company that Alexander Graham Bell set up that by the year 1915, people could make transcontinental calls with the help of a telephone.

Thereafter, his Volta Laboratory began working on the phonograph and after some important improvements the phonograph could be sold commercial. However, after inventing the telephone, the invention that got recognition was known as the photophone. This particular device had the ability to transmit sound using a light beam. Using various experiments, Alexander Graham Bell finally succeeded in using his photophone to send a message more than 200 yards in the year 1881. It was this invention that Alexander Graham Bell considered to be his greatest, and why shouldn’t it be. The photophone was the basis for modern-day fiber optics and lasers.

Alexander Graham Bell was also interested in gene anomalies and conducted many experiments on sheep, resulting in the birth of twins and triplets. Also, in 1881 when the US president Garfield was shot by an assassin, Bell constructed an electromagnetic machine in order to find the bullet that was in the president’s body. The device was not successful when used on the president, but after improvements, he named this machine telephone probe. This probe used to click after it came in contact with metal.

The same year that President Garfield was shot, Bell lost his newborn son to respiratory issues. This prompted Bell to invent a metal vacuum jacket that could help people breathe if they were suffering from respiratory issues. This jacket would go on to be the foundation of the iron lung that helped people suffering from polio to breathe.

Bell was also instrumental in inventing a device known as audiometer. This device was used to diagnose small hearing problems in people. Furthermore, he checked out various methods how to extract salt from sea water. As a small boy, he went on to create his first invention, which was a machine to dehusk grains.

Alexander Graham Bell was a brilliant scientist and it is because of him that mode of communication in the world was revolutionized. The telephone allowed people to keep in touch with each other even though they were miles apart.

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What Did Alexander Graham Bell Invent

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Alexander Graham Bell Biography      The person responsible for changing the face of communication in the world was Alexander Graham Bell. And, this is a brief overview of his life and work. This famous inventor was Scottish by birth, with his birth taking place in Edinburgh on 3 March 1847. His parents Alexander Melville was considered to be an expert in elocution as well as mechanics of voice. Even though his mother, Eliza, had a hearing problem, she ended being a pianist of some acclaim. Bell was the second of three sons. More..




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