How Did Davy Crockett Die ?  

Davy Crockett was a famous frontiersman, politician, soldier and hero from the nineteenth century. He was a representative from Tennessee in the US House of Representatives and he took part in the Texas Revolution. He lost his life in the famous Battle of Alamo. There is some controversy and mystery surrounding the death of Davy Crockett. However, it is know for certain that he lost his life on 6th March in Alamo.


Based on some records, around 5 to 7 Texan soldiers laid down their arms during the Battle of Alamo and surrendered to the Mexicans. However, the Mexican did not kill these prisoners of war. This incensed General Santa Anna, who was leading the battle and had ordered the soldiers to be executed immediately. Some of the other Mexican soldiers carried out the orders of Santa Anna. A few days after Alamo fell to the Mexicans, rumors began circulating that one of the soldiers to surrender was Davy Crockett. However, this claim was refuted by a cook, who used to cook for an officer of Santa Anna. He stated that Davy’s body was located by the Mexicans in the barracks and around it were at least 16 dead Mexican soldiers. However, historians claim that this account of Davy Crockett’s demise is not the correct one.

One historian claims that the rumors about Davy Crockett’s surrender and subsequent execution may have been spread by a person who was jealous of Santa Anna. This person could have been either a military or political rival. So, many such stories were spread among the people in an attempt to put down Santa Anna.

In the year 1955, a book published by Jesus Sanchez Garza about the Battle of Alamo was publicized as the memoirs of a Mexican officer named Jose Enrique de la Pena. This book was originally published in Spanish and twenty years later when it was translated and published in English, it created a furor in the US as the book stated that Davy Crockett did not perish in the battle. However, historians once again did not support this theory, as the original book was not checked for authenticity by an editor or even a publisher. Also, Garza never revealed how he came to own the so-called memoirs of de la Pena.

According to historians, other than de la Pena’s so-called memoirs there are no other records of Davy Crockett surviving and being executed after the Battle of Alamo. And, there is some doubt about de la Pena’s memoirs being a fabrication for discrediting Santa Anna.

The death of Davy Crockett remains a mystery till today. Historians know for certain that this brave soldier laid down his life at Alamo, but they do not know how.

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How Did Davy Crockett Die

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Davy Crockett Biography      If you are an American, you will definitely know who Davy Crockett was. He was not only a frontiersman, but also an excellent hunter and seasoned politician, who ended up becoming a hero because of his exploits in the battlefield. He was born to Rebecca and John Crockett on 17th August 1786. His parents used to live in East Tennessee. He was the fifth child out of the total nine. At the age of 12, Davy’s father put him to drive cattle to Virginia. Crockett was also a runaway as he wanted to get about from his father’s beating. More..




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