How Did Stonewall Jackson Get His Nickname ?  

Thomas Jackson, popular known as Stonewall Jackson, got his nickname during the Battle of Bull Run when the Confederates were fighting the Union forces. Initially, the Confederates were routed by the Union army, but brigade held its ground. This brigade was commanded by Thomas Jackson.


Jackson rallied his soldiers not to give in to the onslaught of the Union forces and calmly went about doing his job. On seeing him all calm and organized, General Bernard Bee commented to his fleeing soldiers that they should stand their ground and to look at Jackson who was standing the onslaught like a stone wall.

It was because of Jackson’s stand that Confederates survived the surprise attack by the Union army and could hold on until reinforcements came. Once the reinforcements arrived, the face of the battle changed. Now the Confederates had the upper hand. The Union soldiers began fleeing the battlefield and the Union supporters who had gathered to see their army claim victory were also forced to flee the scene.

Immediately after the Confederates won the Battle of Bull Run, stories began circulating about Jackson’s heroics. And, it was after this battle that Thomas Jackson was referred to Stonewall Jackson and this name stuck on until he died fighting bravely during the Battle of Chancellorsville.

Jackson was great soldier and planned all his moves very carefully. This would explain why he was always calm in the battlefield, as though he was out on a walk. Also, he had this amazing ability to change directions based on the situation, and hence, he was never caught off guard. He led his troops by example and stayed put regardless of the situation.

Just like Battle of Bull Run, there were many other instances where Stonewall Jackson held his ground even his forces were at the receiving end. One of the first instances was during the Mexican War, before the American Civil Revolution took place. During this war, the US soldiers were instructed to attack Mexico City. However, on route they had to pass a fortress situation on top a hill. Mexican soldiers were entrenched in the fortress and had the advantage. When the American army climbed the hill, they were greeted with gun fire by the Mexicans. This forced the Americans to retreat. However, just like what he did at the Battle of Bull Run, Stonewall Jackson held his ground and returned fire with his brigade. Soon the fortress was overrun by the Americans and this allowed them to march into Mexico City without any problems.

His never give up attitude and his ability to remain calm at the most difficult situations is how Thomas Jackson earned his nickname Stonewall Jackson.

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How Did Stonewall Jackson Get His Nickname

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Stonewall Jackson And The Battle Of Bull Run      The Union referred the battle as the Battle of Bull Run, while the Confederates named it the Battle of Manassas. It was during this battle that Thomas Jackson got his nickname, Stonewall. The Battle of Bull Run was fought between the Union and Confederate soldiers on 21st July 1861. It was one of the first serious fights between the two sides during the American Civil War. More..




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