Black Famous People  

The concept of “Black People” was formerly used as a way to discriminate people who have a dark skin color. The term has several meanings in other countries but it was certainly used to racially discriminate people of African origin in America. However, history has witnessed many successful dark-skinned people.

Here are some popular and famous Black people who have changed the course of history:

Martin Luther King Jr.: An American clergyman and one of the leading activists in the Civil Rights Movement, Martin Luther King Jr. was born on January 15, 1929. He was the frontrunner to achieve the total banishment of racial discrimination through non-violent means just like Mahatma Gandhi. He was not only one of the greatest orators in the history of United States, but also was a great humanitarian. He was the youngest African-American person to receive the Nobel Prize. Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated in 1968.

Toni Morrison: Toni Morrison was the first Black woman to receive the Nobel Prize for literature in 1993. Born in February 1931, Morrison was an avid reader since her childhood. She served the Texas southern university as an English faculty. Toni’s novel ‘Beloved’ was quite popular among critics and her fans and also won several awards. She is currently on the editorial board of the magazine, ‘The Nation’.

Nelson Mandela: Nelson Mandela, an anti-apartheid activist and pro-Gandhian, was the first black person to be elected for the post of the President of South Africa. In his freedom struggle, he was convicted of many crimes (for good cause) and had to spend 27 years in prison. His political views and values are greatly influenced by the principles of Mahatma Gandhi. He also won the Nobel Peace prize.

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Black Famous People




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