Famous Ecuadorian People  

South America’s democratic republic of Ecuador has witnessed many notable figures in history. Here are some of the best and popular people from Ecuador who have made an average Ecuadorian proud. Their names will always be embedded in the hearts of the people of Ecuador.

Famous Ecuadorian People:

Jefferson Perez: Olympic winner Jefferson Perez is an Ecuadorian race walker who specialized in the 20 kilometer event of Olympics and won two Olympic medals. He made Ecuadorians proud by winning the Junior World Cup of Athletics in Bulgaria and silver at the World Championships at Seville. He has many such honors earned in different competitions.

Eduardo Kingman: An artist, a writer, a social activist, call him whatever you like, but the fact is that he was one of the greatest Ecuadorian artist and thinker of the 20th century. Eduardo Kingman completed his initial years of his education in Quito. His further studies were continued in Bolivia, Peru and Venezuela. He was also a student of the San Francisco Art Institute of California.

Rafael Correa: Rafael Correa is currently the President of the Republic of Ecuador. In 1987, he earned a degree in Economics and worked at the welfare center in Cotopaxi Province. He earned a doctorate in 2001 and was in the forefront to remove poverty in Ecuador when he was the finance minister. He was declared the 56th president of Ecuador on December 2006 and assumed office in 2007.

Eugenio Espejo: He was the first journalist of Ecuador and played a significant part in the separatist movement in Quito. He was a recognized polemicist, scientist and writer and was the pioneer in the field of science and literature. Ecuadorians have high respect for this personality.

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Famous Ecuadorian People




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