Famous People From Costa Rica  

Costa Rica, located in Central America, has given the nation some famous people. Many people outside of Costa Rica may not know them. However, these famous people from Costa Rica were instrumental in bringing about change in their beauty country through their work.

Famous People from Costa Rica:
Oscar Arias Sanchez: Dr. Ariaz was born in Costa Rica. He was educated in the United States and Great Britain and received his doctorate from the University of Essex. His political career began after he joined the Partido de Liberacion Nacional (PLN) as an activist. In 1972, Dr. Ariaz was appointed as the minister of national planning and political economy and served it until 1977. He was elected general secretary of the PLN in 1979. He was nominated for position of a president on 1984. In 1986 Dr. Arias was elected president. 

In order to end the Central American conflict, Dr. Arias chalked out a peace plan which was used as a basis for negotiations. He presented his peace plan during a 1987 Central American summit. His peace plan called for an immediate cease fire in all guerilla wars, negotiations between conflicting parties, free elections and reduction in armed forces. For such a great peace plan, he received a Nobel Peace Prize and other numerous prizes including the Prize of the Americas, Prize Prince of Asturias, Prize of La Paz Martin Luther King and many more.

Claudia Poll: Costa Rica’s sportswoman of the century, Claudia Poll learned to swim when she was just seven years old. Born on December 21, 1972 in Managua Nicaragua, Poll has earned three world records as well as several Olympic medals. With a height of more than 6 feet and weight of 70 kilos, Claudia has an impressive body and a perfect technique in swimming. She was trained by Francisco Rivas for hours each day, starting before dawn. Even today, after achieving so many awards and medals, she strives to improve her performance. In the Atlanta Olympic games of 1996, she defeated Franziska van Almsick to win the first Olympic gold medal for Costa Rica.

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Famous People From Costa Rica




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