Famous People From Greece  

Greece has long been the cradle of many ancient civilizations. In addition, this beautiful country has given the world famous and influential people who managed to change the course of history. Here are some famous people from Greece.

Famous People from Greece:
Alexander the Great: Born on July 20, 356 BC, Alexander III, popularly known as Alexander the Great and Alexander the Macedonian. He is one the most successful military commanders who remained undefeated in battle. He founded as many as 70 towns during his military invasions. There is always a mystery attached with the cause of his death. Legend has it that he was assassinated by poisoning. There are also some speculations on whether he died due to excess alcohol or some dreaded disease. Alexander the Great will always be known for his bravery, courage and leadership.

Archimedes: Archimedes was renowned as a mathematician, engineer, physicist, inventor as well as an astronomer in Greece. He is one the greatest mathematicians of all times. His famous phrase, ‘Eureka’, is quite popular. He discovered a very important solution to help to calculate the density of an object and this solution occurred while he was in his bathtub, thus exclaiming ‘Eureka’. He is also credited of designing and inventing complex machines and offering significant formulas.

Plato: Student of Socrates, Plato was a Greek philosopher who played a significant part in laying the foundations of the western culture. There are rumors about his birth as some speculate that he was born between 429-423 BC. Plato was also renowned as a mathematician. His famous ‘Dialogues’ is still being taught in almost every University and college all over the world.  

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Famous People From Greece




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