Famous People From Nevada  

Nevada is not just about Las Vegas and casinos. The state has given America famous personalities not just from the field of acting but also from sports. Here are some famous people from Nevada that you might have heard.

Famous People from Nevada:

Andre Agassi: He is one of the greatest players in the history of tennis. Yes, the swashbuckling young rebel with stylish long hairs began playing professionally in 1986 and within two years of his entry in the tennis arena, he won more than $2 million in prize money! Agassi dominated men’s tennis throughout the 1990s with rival Pete Sampras. He won more than 85o singles matches including an Olympic Gold Medal in Atlanta, 1996. He also won 60 titles and 8 grand slams. Born in Las Vegas, Nevada, Andre was the son of Emmanuel “Mike” Agassi, an Olympic boxer for Iran in the late 1940s. He was married to actor Brooke Shields from 1997-1999. In 2001, he married Steffi Graf, another tennis legend.

Edna Purviance: You always saw her acting opposite Charlie Chaplin. Edna Purviance was Chaplin’s lady in most of Charlie Chaplin silent movies. She was born on October 21, 1895. She used to live in Paradise Valley Nevada for a few years during her childhood, but moved to Lovelock. She was quite popular in silent movies with Charlie Chaplin. Her role in “The Kid” was a huge hit.

Ben Alexander: Born in Nevada and raised in California, Ben Alexander made his screen debut at the age of 5 in “Every Pearl a Tear”. He portrayed Lillian Gish’s young brother in D.W. Griffiths World War I epic, “Hearts of the World”. He gained immense popularity in his six-year stint on TV’s Dragnet. He also had a brief appearance in the daytime TV game show About Face.  He played the role of Sergeant Dan Briggs on the weekly ABC cop series -- Felony Squad.

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Famous People From Nevada




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