Famous People In The 1920s  

Call it the ‘Roaring Twenties’ or ‘Golden Twenties’, the 1920s was marked by many significant events. It witnessed changes in terms of fashion and economy and also had popular personalities including Charlie Chaplin, Greta Garbo, Marcus Garvey and many others. Here are some of the most famous people of the 1920s:

Famous People in the 1920s:

Charlie Chaplin: Charlie Chaplin was born Charles Spencer Chaplin on April 16, 1889 in East Street, Walworth, London. He was one of the most creative and comedic actor of the silent era and was also a very talented composer, director as well as musician. He is always remembered for his portrayal of ‘The Tramp’ and as a role of Hitler in ‘The Great Dictator’. He had his own style of acting which became quite popular in the 1920s. Charlie Chaplin was among the New Year’s Honors List in 1975.

Marcus Garvey: He is remembered as the most influential black civil rights activist who strived for the advancement and freedom of black people. He was one of the greatest civil rights leaders in the 1920s. He established the Universal Negro Improvement Association in Jamaica. His fight for non-white people led to his imprisonment and deportation to Jamaica.

Greta Garbo: Greta Garbo was born Greta Lovisa Gustafsson on September 18, 1905 in Stockholm, Sweden. She worked as a clerk in a departmental store at a very young age. She was interested in acting and thus polished her acting skills at the Royal Dramatic Theater in the early 1920s. She was chosen by director Mauritz Stiller during the same period.  Greta Garbo made a mark in the 1920s by starring in popular silent movies like ‘The Temptress’ and ‘Love’.  She died on April 15, 1990.

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Famous People In The 1920s




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