Famous People Of Mexico  

Mexico has a legacy of many notable names, which appear in golden letters in world History. Mexico has produced many talents who made difference to the society. Mexicans are proud to associate with such people who became famous for their work.

Some of the famous people from Mexico are:

Guadalupe Victoria: Guadalupe Victoria born on September 29, 1786 was the first president of Mexico he held office from 1824 to 1829.After independence he became Mexico’s first president. During his tenure he played important role in eradicating slavery, poverty and founding military academy.

Pedro Armendariz: Pedro Armendariz was one of the finest actors of Hollywood and Mexico. He starred in many films throughout his career, many of which were in Hollywood. He worked with many fine actors such as Errol Flynn and Sean Connery.

Octavio Paz Lozano: Octavio Paz Lozano was born on March 31, 1914. He was a Mexican writer, poet and diplomat and the winner of the 1990 Nobel Prize for literature.

Frida Kahlo: Frida Kahlo, born on July 6, 1907, was a Mexican painter, who has achieved great international popularity. She painted using vibrant colors in a style that was influenced by indigenous cultures of Mexico as well as Europe. In 1929 she married the Mexican muralist Diego Rivera.

Diego Rivera: Diego Rivera, born on December 8, 1886, was a world famous Mexican painter, an active communist and a husband of Frida Kahlo. Rivera’s large wall works in fresco helped to establish the Mexican Mural Renaissance.

Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla or Miguel Hidalgo: Miguel Hidalgo is counted among the most famous Mexican people for historical reasons. He was a Roman Catholic priest in Mexico and a revolutionary rebel leader. He is regarded by most Mexican as “Father of the country”. He was also the founder of the Mexican war of independence movement which fought for freedom from Spain in the early 19th century.

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Famous People Of Mexico




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