Which Famous People Born In Montana ?   

Montana, home to the Rocky Mountains and panoramic natural beauty has given the world many famous people. You will be surprised to learn how many famous people were born in this western state of the US, which is also nicknamed Treasure State.

Famous People Born in Montana:

  • David Lynch, the ultramodern director from Hollywood, is born in Montana. He was born in Missoula, Montana on January 20, 1946. His father, Donald, was a research scientist for the US Department of Agriculture and his mother, Sunny, was an English language tutor.
  • Evel Knievel was born Robert Craig Knievel on October 17, 1938 in Butte, Montana. Evel Knievel achieved worldwide fame and popularity for his daredevil stunts on the motorcycle.
  • Myrna Loy is dubbed as Montana's First Lady of Film. She was born Myrna Williams on August 2, 1905 in Radersburg, Montana. Her father worked for the Montana state legislature. Myrna Loy was her professional stage name which she took on in 1925.
  • Dave McNally, born in Billings, Montana, in 1942, was a famous baseball pitcher. He is the only pitcher in the history of US baseball to have hit a grand slam home run in a World Series.
  • Tommy Moe, the famous skier, was born in Missoula, Montana in 1970. He won the gold medal for downhill skiing in the 1994 Winter Olympics and then went on to add a silver medal for Super-G event. He was the first male American skier to ever win 2 medals in one Olympics.

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Which Famous People Born In Montana




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