Who Are Some Famous People From Ecuador  

Ecuador, a country in South America, has given the world many famous people. These were people who made meaningful contribution not just to Ecuador but also to the world. However, many of you may not know these people so here are some famous people from Ecuador.

Some Famous People from Ecuador:

  • Eugenio Espejo was scientist and writer. He has been credited for starting the separatist movement in Quito. In addition, he was the first journalist in Ecuador and is held is very high esteem by the people of the country.
  • Eduardo Kingman was one of the most famous artists of the 20th century to come out of Ecuador. Besides being an artist, Eduardo Kingman was also a known social activist and writer.
  • Fanny Carrion de Fierro has contributed a lot to Ecuadorian literature as a poet, essayist and literary critic. She has many great literary masterpieces to her credit and is extremely popular in the country. She is a social activist and is board member of many non-governmental organizations engaged in development of Ecuador and its people.
  • Luis Miranda is a world famous painter known for his unique style of painting which has won him many prestigious international awards. Although he does not live in Ecuador, he is still considered to an Ecuadorian by the people of the country.
  • Rafael Correa is the current president of Ecuador and he best known for working towards removing poverty from the country when he was the Finance Minister. He assumed office as the president in January 2007.

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Who Are Some Famous People From Ecuador




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