Facts On Benedict Arnold  

Benedict Arnold was an American general during the American Revolutionary War. He, together with Horatio Gates, piloted the American forces to win the Battle of Saratoga with great success. Later on, he turned against Americans and in 1780, conspired to give up West Point, a very important military base, to the British in exchange of 25,000 pounds. Though, his plans failed when his co-conspirator John Andre was detained.

He left for New York and then escaped to England in the year 1781. Though, for the rest of his life he fought for the British and proved his loyalty, he was not remembered as a hero by the British.

Following are some quick facts on Benedict Arnold:

  • Arnold’s conspiracy against his own country caused the modern-day term Benedict Arnold to be used for a traitor.
  • He was born on January 14, 1747.
  • He was married to Margaret Mansfield and had 3 sons, Benedict, Fredric and Henry. But his wife expired in 1775 and he was again married in 1779, to Margaret Shippen. She gave birth to four sons and a daughter. Margaret Shippen assisted him in his conspiracy against the Americans by working as a messenger between Arnold and the British Major John Andre.
  • He was a very brave man and favored by Washington. But he became a traitor when he was not paid according to his merits and was humiliated by his seniors. The Colonial Congress declined to give him back payment he was worthy of and also condemned him on the base of fake gossips rumored by a political and social competitor.
  • Even though he is remembered in the history of America as a traitor, the fact is that in his early years, General Arnold fought for America very bravely and averted the British attack from Canada which resulted in America’s victory at Saratoga. This helped America to have an agreement with the French.
  • Before the West Point conspiracy, he was considered one of the best generals of America. A statue has been installed in America to show respect to him, but his name is not inscribed on it.
  • He stopped the British Navy at the Battle of Valcour and protected Washington’s back end. He captured Fort Ti by directly hitting the British forces in the Revolution beside Ethan Allen.
  • In 1801, he died of a disease caused by anxiety.

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Facts On Benedict Arnold




How-Did-Benedict-Arnold-Die      Benedict Arnold was the famous American general who led the American troops to victory in the Battle of Saratoga during the American Revolutionary War. However, as he conspired against the Americans and gave up West Point to the British for 25,000 pounds in 1780, he is now remembered as a traitor in the American history. He escaped to Britain in 1781, and fought for them for the rest of his life. More..




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