How Did Benedict Arnold Die ?  

Benedict Arnold was the famous American general who led the American troops to victory in the Battle of Saratoga during the American Revolutionary War. However, as he conspired against the Americans and gave up West Point to the British for 25,000 pounds in 1780, he is now remembered as a traitor in the American history. He escaped to Britain in 1781, and fought for them for the rest of his life.

Benedict Arnold suffered from gout since the year 1775. It was because of this severe ailment that he soon became crippled and had to use a cane for walking. One of his legs had persistent pain, while the other was damaged to an extent that it became impossible for him to go to the sea. His health started to deteriorate further in January, 1801. He was diagnosed by his doctors as having dropsy or edema, a condition that causes swelling in the tissues due to excess fluid accumulation. Although, his short stay at the countryside helped him recover from his illness to some extent, he died at 60, on June 14, 1801, after 4 days of high fever and delirium.

According to a popular legend, in his last days, Benedict Arnold regretted having betrayed his own country during the war. Although no military honor was offered to him during his funeral, the procession had 4 state carriages and 7 mourning coaches. He was initially buried on the grounds of St. Mary’s Church, Battersea, London, England. But, as legend has it, his remains interred in an unmarked grave hundred years later, during the Church renovations. As a legacy, he left a considerable part of his property for his illegitimate son, John Sage, and a part of his estate to his wife.

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How Did Benedict Arnold Die




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