Who Is Benedict Arnold ?  

Benedict Arnold was one of the greatest American generals in the history of America. He led the American troops to great victory during the Revolutionary War. He sacrificed his time and personal finances for the betterment of the untrained and inadequately equipped American forces. He was a very brave man and favored by Washington. But, unfortunately, his efforts were never acknowledged by the American Government.

He was not paid according to his merits and was humiliated by his seniors. The Colonial Congress declined to give him back payment he was worthy of and also condemned him on the base of fake gossips rumored by a political and social competitor. The frustration and heavy debts made Arnold join hands with the British towards the end of the war. Today, Arnold is remembered not as a hero, but as the biggest ‘traitor’ in the American history.

Born on January 14, 1741, Benedict Arnold was the only boy in his family, which was known for its famous and extended political history. He had a younger sister and 4 of his other siblings had died of yellow fever. Due to a disturbed childhood and financial crisis, he was compelled to leave school at the age of 14. He learnt trade from his cousins and also joined the army to fight the French at Fort William Henry when he was just fifteen years old. However, owing to his young age, he was dismissed soon. After both his parents died in 1761, he started a small, successful pharmacy business in Connecticut and amassed a lot of wealth.

However, his patriotism and determination to fight for the country made him join the American Revolution in 1775. As the captain of the Governor’s Second Company of Connecticut Guards, he led the troops to great victory over Fort Ticonderoga. He fought bravely and achieved significant victories in New Jersey, Connecticut, Philadelphia, and Saratoga. However, after he gave up West Point to the British in exchange of 25, 000 pounds, he became infamous as the American traitor. He escaped with his wife Peggy and children to London, where he eventually died of a severe ailment and poverty on June 14, 1801.

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Who Is Benedict Arnold




Biography-Of-Benedict-Arnold      Benedict Arnold, best known as a big conspirator of the American Revolution, was born on Jan. 14, 1741 in a well to do family living in Norwich, Connecticut. When he was young, he worked at a druggist shop and established his own drug shop in New Haven, Connecticut where he settled just a few years prior to the colonists’ struggle for freedom started. More..




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