Biography Of Benedict Arnold  

Benedict Arnold, best known as a big conspirator of the American Revolution, was born on Jan. 14, 1741 in a well to do family living in Norwich, Connecticut. When he was young, he worked at a druggist shop and established his own drug shop in New Haven, Connecticut where he settled just a few years prior to the colonists’ struggle for freedom started.More...

Who Is Benedict Arnold ?

Who Is Benedict Arnold

Benedict Arnold was one of the greatest American generals in the history of America. He led the American troops to great victory during the Revolutionary War. He sacrificed his time and personal finances for the betterment of the untrained and inadequately equipped American forces. He was a very brave man and favored by Washington. But, unfortunately, his efforts were never acknowledged by the American Government.More...


What Made Benedict Arnold A Traitor ?

What Made Benedict Arnold A Traitor

Benedict Arnold was one of the greatest American generals in the history of America. He led the American forces to great success during the Revolutionary War against the British. However, today, Arnold is remembered not as a hero, but as the biggest traitor in the American history. There is a lot of documentary proof to corroborate the fact that he betrayed his own country during the war, but what made Benedict Arnold a traitor is a more important question.More...


How Did Benedict Arnold Die ?

How Did Benedict Arnold Die

Benedict Arnold was the famous American general who led the American troops to victory in the Battle of Saratoga during the American Revolutionary War. However, as he conspired against the Americans and gave up West Point to the British for 25,000 pounds in 1780, he is now remembered as a traitor in the American history. He escaped to Britain in 1781, and fought for them for the rest of his life.More...


Facts On Benedict Arnold

Facts On Benedict Arnold

Benedict Arnold was an American general during the American Revolutionary War. He, together with Horatio Gates, piloted the American forces to win the Battle of Saratoga with great success. Later on, he turned against Americans and in 1780, conspired to give up West Point, a very important military base, to the British in exchange of 25,000 pounds. Though, his plans failed when his co-conspirator John Andre was detained.More...







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