Colonial History Of South Africa  

South Africa was first invaded by the Dutch in 1652. That is when the colonial invasion of South Africa started. They first arrived at the Table Bay and there were to establish the Dutch East India Company. However, the original plan of the Dutch was not to have a full fledged colony. After the French Revolution, France occupied the Netherlands. In order to prevent them from taking over Dutch colonies, the Dutch requested England to get involved in the Cape colony.

Britain agreed and was involved with Cape Town and as usual Britain was an efficient ruler than any other country. People started favoring the British rule more and then problems started arising between Dutch and the British. The British started giving salaries to the people and set up tax system. They brought a lot of order through their administration. Also, because of the war that was going on in Europe there was a lot of demand for the agricultural products of South Africa. The economy of the country grew even more.

The British occupied South Africa from 1795 to 1803. The Dutch built the Castle of Good Hope and completed it in 1679. The British took over but their problem was to keep the eastern side under control as the farmers did not like the British occupation and the African population also did not want to submit to the British. In the year 1803, the Cape was returned to the Dutch as a peace treaty. The British occupied South Africa again in 1806, and ever since South Africa became a British Colony.

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Colonial History Of South Africa




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