History Of Africa  

Africa is perhaps one of the oldest continents with rich and diverse landscapes. This is where perhaps humanity started and spread. Some of the oldest civilizations were formed in the African continents. Africa has a long history that dates to thousands of years. The indigenous tribes had a rich culture and tradition and there were several of them. However, not many of them are left today as Africa has been through severe colonization by various countries.

A rich series of culture and traditions have been wiped out. Most of the history in Africa could be found through cave paintings and their traditional tribal artwork. History was passed mainly in Africa by the older people telling stories to their younger ones about their heroes and also lifestyles. This is how information was passed on from one generation to another. Very few tribes could write or read.

One of the earliest occupations of Africa was by the Europeans. After the colonization much of the traditions and cultures were lost. The ancient cultures were wiped out and lost as the European culture started spreading. First the Dutch colonized Africa and then The British came in. They did build several structures and modernized the country by bringing in transportation and much more. However, even the traditional Africans built their own facilities.

As the British explored more and more of Africa, they discovered the rich wealth of natural resources. They pushed away the tribes even further from their natural habitats and started mining, and industrializing their land.

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History Of Africa




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