History Of Slavery In South Africa  

Slavery in South Africa was much prevalent and also it was as severe as America and Europe. There were several records of rudeness and ill treatment that was meted out to the slaves by the Dutch. The Dutch were the first to colonize South Africa through Cape Town.

However, their initial plan was to extend East India Company here, but soon they realized the potential of the city and converted it into their colony. They employed several slaves for agriculture. From 1680 to 1795, many records indicate that on an average one slave was executed in a month.

Slaves were subject to harsh treatment methods. By the year of 1753 a set of rules were prepared for the slaves by the governor of cape colony and it became popular by his name and was called Tulbagh Code. Some of the rules were as follows:

  • There was a curfew for slaves and they had to reach home by 10 in the night. If they had to stay out then they would have needed a pass and a lantern.
  • The slaves were banned from the streets of Cape Town. They could not travel in a wagon or a horseback.
  • Slaves were not allowed to sing or whistle and they could not enter public houses or bars.
  • They were not allowed to get together in large groups and gathering on their holidays.
  • Also, when the church was in service, the slaves were not allowed to stand outside the church.
  • The slaves cannot talk to each other on streets.
  • If slaves misbehaved, then they were subject to flogging.
  • If a slave ever was violent to his master, then it resulted in death.

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History Of Slavery In South Africa




History-Of-South-Africa-Timeline      Most of the South Africans are the descendants of the people who were brought in as slaves in the period of 1653 to 1822. The Dutch East India Company was the first company to be established in South Africa in the year 1652. The Dutch were one of the first to colonize South Africa. In the same year they wanted to get into agriculture and requested for slaves. More..




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