Brief History Summary Of Algeria  

The nations which are presently bordering Algeria were decided when Algeria was under the control of Ottoman Empire and the 3 countries were administrative subdivisions. As the ottomans started to conquer Algeria Spanish lost the coastal line that controlled it for many centuries, it then changed into a pirate base to attack the European fleets.


Brief History Summary Of Algeria           The fight for independence was started in Algeria in the beginning year of 1950s when a group called Front de Liberation Nationale (FLN) was formed. The civil war was the result of the French unwilling to grant independence had eroded the Front de Liberation Nationale with the huge support from bulk population which went against the French military and the Arabs who supported them. Algeria got independence in the year 1962 under Ahmed Ben Bella of FLN. Bella was thrown out by the defense minister, Houari Boumedienne, who was ruling the country till he died in 1978 December. Boumsdienne was replaced with Chadli Bendjedid, an army commander who influenced the country with his military experience.More...


Economic History Of Algeria

Economic History Of Algeria

The fight for independence in Algeria was started in November 1954, and the French military was attacked all throughout the country. It was estimated that 200,000 to 1,000,000 people died in the rebellions, and around 25,000 French soldiers died.

Algeria gained independence in the year 1962 after fighting for 80 years for national liberation. The countryside was mostly destroyed and the French flew back to France.

The cease fire was proclaimed on 9 March 1962, this was followed by Evian agreement between the Algerian republic and the provisional government under the condition that the France gave independence to Algeria in exchange of military bases and some concession in the oil and gas fields. Even after the agreement was signed, some of the French militants got together and formed a secret armed organization and caused terror in 196 and 1962. More...





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