History And Culture Of Congo  

The republic of Congo now occupies the areas which were once in control of Bakongo, Teke and Loango Kingdoms. After the Portuguese came in the 15th century, the kingdoms in the coastal areas had many credits due to slave trades. After the French took over the control in the 19th century, which made the licensed private companies make use of the forced labor, and this scandalized the public of France, and Savorgnan de Brazza was appointed to investigate.

The capital was named after him, and it was the center for French Equatorial Africa. The government concentrated on the hospitals and schools in this region.

Most of the people in Congo are Bantus; large numbers of people are Congo along with small groups of Teke and Sangha. The major ethnic group that Ubangi comprises of is the Mboshi and people belonging to the Binga pygmies live in the forests who are known to be the original inhabitants of the country. The official language of this country is French and every school teaches in this language. The trade language is called Lingala which is mostly used in areas like Kikongo.

The common religion in Congo republic is Christianity and majority of them are Roman Catholics. Many people in Congo believe in animist beliefs and some combine these beliefs with Christianity. Congo also has a lot of African churches which are independent, like the Church of Jesus Christ on Earth. Simon Kimbangu developed this church. The Muslims, who are in small numbers, are immigrants.

Congo has some boastful literary figures like Sylvain Bemba who was a journalist informed lots through his plays and novels.

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History And Culture Of Congo




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