History Of Diamonds In Congo  

Many of the African countries, which are called developing and under developed nations, have plenty of natural resources which can turn around their economy and make them into developed countries. One of such nation is Congo with plenty of diamond deposits all round the country. These diamonds are known to the world as the conflict diamonds or blood diamonds from a long time.

Diamond mining started in the nineteenth century; back then this nation was called Belgian Congo. The Belgian authorities had set up some mines which were small scale like the British did in the South Africa. The mines in the earliest of the mines were situated near the Bushimaie and Lubilash Rivers which are still under mining.

In the year 1960, Belgian Congo got independence, but it was when the civil war and internal conflicts began. The rebels who fought against the government took control over the diamond mines which made them available with funds to buy weapons this is how the blood diamond came into existence.

At present, the situation is coming into the hands of the state and the internal conflicts are in ending stages. The diamond mines situated in the Democratic Republic of Congo are controlled by MIBA, the Societe Miniere de Bakwanga. The MIBA is an organization which is owned by the state, but one fourth of the investment is given by the foreign firms such as Sibeka.

Many of the diamond mines are situated along the rivers called Bushimaie and Lubilash where the mines like Bakwanga and Bckwa Bowa. There is also Forminiere diamond mine located near the Tshikapa River.

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History Of Diamonds In Congo




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