History About Pyramids Of Egypt  

The pyramids are very ancient masonry structures situated in Egypt. There are about 138 pyramids in Egypt as per the discovery made till 2008. These were built for the pharaoh’s tombs and for their partner in the middle and the old kingdom era.

The pyramid which is considered as the earliest is the Pyramid of Djoser built at the time of third dynasty. The Pyramid of Djoser, and its complex was planned by Imhotep, an architect and it is known to be the oldest structure with dressed masonry.

The largest of the Egyptian pyramids is the Pyramid of Khufu located at Giza. It is the only wonder out the ancient seven wonders which still exists.

Imhotep is the first to imagine stacking the Mastabas one on another. He created the structure with steps that helped in decreasing the size as the structure reached the apex. It was resulted with the step pyramid of Djoser. It was designed in such a way that the soul of the pharaoh reached the heavens.

The best pyramids are built in the period of great Pharaonic rule. This was the time when the word known pyramids near Giza came up. As the years passed the rulers were not able to build huge structures and the pyramids were built in small size and the rulers did not show much interest.

After the Egyptians ended with the pyramids, they were built by the people in the regions which is now called Sudan when the Egypt was in the hands of the Kings of Napata.

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History About Pyramids Of Egypt




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