Ancient Egypt History  

Egyptian history dates back to 5000 years when a significant lifestyle or civilization was started on the banks of river Nile in Egypt. Egypt is situated between the Middle East and Africa. Its history is the world’s ancient history which has the mysterious pyramids, the sphinx and tombs which are still attracting the people from all over the world.

Ancient Egypt History          The history of Egypt dates back to 3300 BC. This was the time the Egyptians started writing with symbols. From the year 3100 BC the inscriptions were passed to the later generations of Egypt. During this period King Menes, the pharaoh formed Egypt by combining the Lower and the Upper Egypt kingdoms. He made Memphis as the capital of north, and Abydos as the capital of south. The government was strong and well established. Calendar was introduced and sun god was the favorite god figure.

In the next 400 years, dynasties disappeared and the rulers died and priests became the rulers. Alexander the Great without any effort took Egypt into his hands. Alexander’s empire was divided amongst his generals. The Greeks rule was put to an end in the Cleopatra 7 era. For more than 300 years it was the Greek pharaohs who ruled Egypt and then it was succeeded by the roman province.More...


History Timeline Of Egypt

History Timeline Of Egypt

Egypt is a historical tourist attraction which has ancient tombs, pyramids, hieroglyphics and the sphinx attracting the whole world. Some of the history of Egypt is still a mystery and is an interest to today’s generation. This history of Egypt is very interesting to know.

In the 1100s, Egypt was invaded by the Christian crusaders of Europe. In the year 1168, the Fatimid ruler with the help of Saladin throws out the crusaders from Egypt. In the year 1171, Saladin deposed Fatamid and became the sultan of Egypt and the region became Ayyubid dynasty. In the year 1250 Mamelukes took control over Baybars and Egypt and the general of Mameluke became the sultan. In the year 1517 Egypt was invaded by ottoman.

In the mid 1700s, the Mamelukes and the ottomans fought to take control over Egypt. In the year 1798, Egypt was invaded by Napoleon Bonaparte and defeated the Mameukes in the battle of the pyramids. Ottomans by taking the British help threw out the French from Egypt in 1801. From 1805 to 1849, Ottoman army officer Muhammad Ali became the ruler of the Mamelukes and Egypt. Pasha was the ruler of Egypt from 1854 to 1863.More...


History About Pyramids Of Egypt

History About Pyramids Of Egypt

The pyramids are very ancient masonry structures situated in Egypt. There are about 138 pyramids in Egypt as per the discovery made till 2008. These were built for the pharaoh’s tombs and for their partner in the middle and the old kingdom era.

The pyramid which is considered as the earliest is the Pyramid of Djoser built at the time of third dynasty. The Pyramid of Djoser, and its complex was planned by Imhotep, an architect and it is known to be the oldest structure with dressed masonry.

The largest of the Egyptian pyramids is the Pyramid of Khufu located at Giza. It is the only wonder out the ancient seven wonders which still exists. More...





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