Ethiopia History Timeline  

Ethiopia is the first independent country which was occupied by Italy in the 1930s. During the years 1530 and 1531, Ahmad Gran, a Muslim leader, conquered almost all of Ethiopia. During the years 1818 and 1868, Lij Kasa conquered Gojjam, Tigray, Shoa and Amhara. In 1855, Kasa became the emperor Tewodros 2. In the year 1868, Tewodros was defeated by the British force and committed suicide, so that he cannot be captured. In 1872, Tigrayan became Yohannes 4.

Ethiopia History Timeline        In 1889, Yohannes 4 fought against the Mahdist forces and died. He was succeeded by emperor Memelik 2. Menelik signed a bilateral friendship treaty with the European country Italy at Wuchale. Addis Ababa was made the capita of Ethiopia.

In the year 1895, Italy invaded Ethiopia. In 1896, the Ethiopians defeated the Italian forces at Adwa. The Treaty of Wuchale was negated and Italy recognized Ehtiopia as an independent country but they controlled Eritrea. Menelik died in the year 1913, and was succeeded by Lij Lyasu, his grandson. In the year 1916, Lij Lyasu was deposed and Menelik’s daughter called Zawditu became ruler who ruled via regent named Ras Tafari Makonnen. More...


History Of The Black Jews Of Ethiopia

History Of The Black Jews Of Ethiopia

The beta Israel history in Ethiopia is same as any other Jewish community. For many decades they were made the victims of hostility, forcing to convert, harsh legislation and also murders. They survived in these hostility situations with determination and the wish to exist in al the difficult times they faced by devoting themselves to god.

Beta Israel was totally inaccessible from other Jewish community which includes the neighboring countries of Egypt and Yemen for 2400 years. This still shows the effect on this country which is unique from others. Among all the Jewish society still in existence beta Israel has got the names like distant tribe and lost tribe.

The Ethiopian Jews have enjoyed the golden term of rule and independence. The Jewish community was a powerful force in the Abyssinian tribes.More...





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