History Of Education In Kenya  

Higher education in Kenya has started late and developed slowly before the independence of Kenya. The colonial government had thought that the people when educated will enlighten themselves and they will fight for freedom.

Royal Technical College of East Africa is the first higher education institution in Kenya. It is located in Nairobi, and was established in the year 1956. Initially, the college was called the Royal College of Nairobi and then became the University College of Nairobi. In the year 1972, the teacher training institution called Kenyatta College became a part of the constituent colleges in the University College of Nairobi. Thereafter, the college was turned into a university in the year 1985. From then 5 new universities have come up.

The Kenyans were provided with the education facilities by the colonial government only in the fields like industrial education to exploit the resources which were available in Kenya. The skilled people were in short supply at the time after the independence in Kenya, and it became the responsibility of University of Nairobi to empower the citizens of Kenya.

The university was made responsible to improve the manpower and it was the responsibility of the professors for conducting the research and making the policies. The professors were made responsible to teach and make the research.

Jobs were in abundant by the time a student graduated from the university. They were placed in the public sector jobs which paid them well. This made them think that university education will provide them social and economic mobility. This resulted in higher number of admissions and graduates every year.

As the number of jobs were constant and the graduates were increasing there were no enough jobs for all of them, so the unemployment rates increased.

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History Of Education In Kenya




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