Kenya History  

Kenya is also known as cradle of mankind, and it is believed that Kenya was the place where the first of humans lived. The fossils which were taken out in the Great Rift Valley surrounding Lake Turkana give proof that ancient humans roamed around this place millions of years ago.

The present Kenyan tribes are divided into 3 groups, which are Nilotes, Bantus, cushites. The people who speak Cushitic language have migrated to Kenya from North Africa in 2000 B.C. they were livestock herders, farmers and hunterer-gatherers.

The Nilotic and the Bantu were the important tribes in Kenya. However, they started migrating to Kenya starting from 400A.D. The Bantus are originally from the Cameroon region and Nigeria. From there the tribes like Kikuyu, Dawida, Taveta, Akamba have emerged. The Luo, Kalenjin, Masai, Turkana have emerged.

The Bantu people were responsible for the new technology like iron working. They were farmers and also did other works like fishing, herding, hunting, gathering and trading the iron products.

Starting from the 7th century, the history of the Kenya has a changed a lot. Arab traders came into Kenya via Indian Ocean. In the 8th century, Persians and the Arabs established colonies along the coastal regions. The Muslim religion was brought by the Persian and Arab traders.

In the year 1498, Vasco da Gama landed in Malindi, a city which is situated in the Kenyan coast. In the year 1515, Francisco de Almeida invaded the coastal cities. In the year 1525, the Portuguese came back to Mombasa which was called the Kenyan second city. The Portuguese did not have control over the whole region though.

In the year 1698, Mombasa was defeated by the Arabs belonging to Oman. In the year 1729, the Portuguese went from East Africa.

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Kenya History




Modern-History-Of-Kenya      The Kenyan history dates back to the evolution of human beings which was known to the scientists in the end of the 20th century. Kenya has been home for the migrant tribes form the 1st century A.D like the Bantu and Luo. The tribes got settled all around the country. More..




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