Modern History Of Kenya  

The Kenyan history dates back to the evolution of human beings which was known to the scientists in the end of the 20th century. Kenya has been home for the migrant tribes form the 1st century A.D like the Bantu and Luo. The tribes got settled all around the country.

The Kalenjin established themselves in the west part of today’s Kenya. The kikuyu got settled in the Rift Valley and the highlands with the fertile ground. Each group had its own language, beliefs and customs.

At the time when the region experienced any natural disasters, different tribes competed for the fertile land and this increased the tensions. The Bantus particularly the kikuyu had strong control in the interiors of Kenya and surroundings of Mount Kenya because of their weapons and tools. The kikuyu did well and they set up an economy rich from agriculture and also the political and the economical infrastructure developed. In the 19th century the Masai’s who were good at fighting and hunting came face to face with the Bantus’ and this resulted in influencing the styles and the customs before disease and drought made their reign to come to an end.

The coast of the Kenya made the Arabs as inhabitants in the tenth century and people from Portugal competed in the 15th and the 16th century. The Arabs again took control in the 18th century. And at the time of starting of the mid 19th century the coast was in control of Sayyid Said of Oman.

Uganda and Kenya was under the control of Great Britain but it lost some time in issuing the commercial license in the year 1888 to the imperial British East Africa Company. The IBEA which was led by Sir William Mackinnon tried to set up trading centers and one control all over the regions. Kenya was made the British protectorate in the year 1895 and became a crown colony in the year 1920.

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Modern History Of Kenya




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