Ancient History Of Liberia  

Liberia was formed as the home for the freed slaves in the year 1822 by American colonization society after failing several times. They were first settled near the area of Monrovia. In the year 1847, the republic of Liberia was formed under the similar constitution as United States.

Although Liberia had relations with United States earlier, in the 1870s Liberia traded mostly with the European countries especially with the countries like Germany, Great Britain and Netherlands. In the late 19th century, the British and French took control over the Liberian territory.

European influence diminished after 1926 as the United States set up a rubber company called Firestone, which started to establish large rubber plantation in country. Firestone employed most of the people and rubber became the leading export for many decades.

In the year 1944, William V.S. Tubman took the seat of president. It was in his time that the foreign investments increased, and he put in effort to eliminate discrimination which was made against the natives and to get them to the mainstream life of Liberia.

Tubman passed away in the year 1971, and he was succeeded by William R Tolbert who was also an America Liberian who ruled with the corrupted practices and autocratically. In the year 1980, the ruling government was ruled out by army which was led by master sergeant Samuel Doe. Tolbert and other officers of the government were put to death. Doe became the president in the year 1985.

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Ancient History Of Liberia




History-Of-Liberia      Liberia was formed in the year 1822 which was populated with the freed slaves. It was first a colony and then became a part of the commonwealth and got independence in the year 1847 by taking the helping hand of the American colonization society. The freed slave’s descendents who were called Americo-Liberians remained in control of Liberia politically and socially till 1980. More..




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